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Clone a branch directly under the TFS project other than main?

Jul 16, 2013 at 11:18 AM
Hi there, if I have a user-define branch directly under Project, how do I clone that? I am using the below command and it gives me an error that there is nothing to be cloned although there are files in the branch.
git tf clone http://myserver:8080/tfs/collectionName $/TeamProjectA/mybranch [--deep] P.S:
Just to add if I have my branch within a folder under the project it works, like as for e.g the below command works:
git tf clone http://myserver:8080/tfs/collectionName $/TeamProjectA/myfolder/mybranch [--deep]
Jul 16, 2013 at 2:40 PM
Hi karrtikiyer,

I'm sorry to hear that you have issues using Git-TF. I tried to reproduce your scenario locally, but unfortunately it's not reproducible on my machine. Could you please provide us a bit more information?
  1. Which version of Git-TF do you use? (You could run git-tf --version to check that.)
  2. Which operating system do you use?
  3. Could you please collect and provide us a detailed git-tf logs for this issue? Feel free to send them to my personal e-mail address . You could find logs in:
Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Team Foundation\4.0\Logs\git-tf-*.log.
Ubuntu:  ~/.microsoft/Team Foundation/4.0/Logs/git-tf-*.log.
Mac:     ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Team Foundation/4.0/Logs/git-tf-*.log.
To collect the detailed log you also need to create the file with the following content:
# Set root category priority to DEBUG and its only appender to LOGFILE.
log4j.rootCategory=DEBUG, LOGFILE
# Set SOAP logging to INFO, SOAP-LOGFILE

# CONSOLE log (default)
#log4j.appender.CONSOLE.layout.ConversionPattern=%-5p %m%n

log4j.appender.LOGFILE.layout.ConversionPattern=%d %-5p [%t] (%c) %m%n

log4j.appender.SOAP-LOGFILE.layout.ConversionPattern=%d %m%n
The file should be placed into the Configuration directory:
Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Team Foundation\4.0\Configuration\
Ubuntu:  ~/.microsoft/Team Foundation/4.0/Configuration/
Mac:     ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Team Foundation/4.0/Configuration/