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If development still active?

May 28, 2014 at 12:24 AM
I'm running the latest release,, and I'm curious if development of git-tf is still active? I ask because it has been some time since this release, and I see significant performance issues in my experience, which I have also seen echoed by others. I have a repository with several tens of thousands of files. Pull/fetch takes a long time even for small changesets (large numbers of unrelated files flash by), and check-ins sometimes hang with "0%, examining repository ...".

I am tempted to switch to git-tfs where I do not see these issues, but I would loose a fair amount of history if I did so (I don't know of a way to switch TFS bridges on an existing GIT repo).

That said, are there any significant bug fix releases imminent, that I might consider waiting for? Is git-tf being actively maintained?