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Need Change Tracking of Only Some folders

Aug 6, 2014 at 8:10 PM
I have just completed a non-deep clone of my company's tfs repo using:
git-tf clone http://tfs_server:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection $/
The result gave me all of the TFS projects in the DefaultCollection but I only want to track changes with two. The two I want have interrelated files meaning they need to be tracked together hence the reason I did the entire DefaultCollection and not the individual folders. What I want to do next is configure the new git repo so that only the two projects (folders) are tracked and updated on pushes and check-ins (to either TFS or other clones). Here is the folder structure:


I only want changes tracked in OrderProcessing and website through Git, but not any of the other folders. How can I accomplish this?

I'm guessing this is something I will do in Git itself but I'm not sure?