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git-tf checkin : no file matches

Sep 14, 2015 at 4:37 PM

I need to migrate large SVN projects to TFS 2015, then I first clone SVN project to GIT project, then I use git-tf to link TFS project to my previous GIT project.

Finally I use git-tf checkin --deep --keep-author to update the TFS project.

I have the following error :
git-tf: failed to pend changes to TFS due to the following errors. Please fix the errors and retry check in.
....git\tf\a23dddc\ImageSegmentation\3rdParty\clapack\inc.docstates.suo: No file matches.

This file is present in my git repository.

Does anyone have an idea ? Because of the name of the file that's starts with a dot ? How to resolve or skip this revision ?