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Error during TFS to TFS migration ( Some changes could not be Pended)

Sep 26, 2016 at 11:46 AM
I am currently working on source code migration from one TFS server to another TFS server with the use of GIT-TF Commands, i had successfully transferred my source code to GIT repository with history from First TFS server, now i am transferring source code from GIT to Second TFS server with git tf command ( git tf checkin --deep --keep-author ) but after few checkins migration got stopped with error as "git-tf: Some changes could not be pended"
I checked all the file name Present in First TFS but none of the files has crossed 230 character limit so error is not related to file length, also i am not able to get more error detail so can you please help me to solved the error ?
Dushyant Padhya