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The server gave us two GetOperations with the same source

Feb 16, 2017 at 11:49 AM
Thanks for the tool. It is really helpful for TFS to TFS code transportation. But I have a problem. The details below.

git-tf: failed to pend changes to TFS due to the following errors. Please fix the errors and retry check in.
The server gave us two GetOperations with the same source local item path of 'C:\Git\to\DC\XXX.git\tf\a544e6d\XXX\XXX\Images\xxx.gif'. This condition may require multiple gets to resolve.

When I check any pending changes with git status command, the result is clear. There is no updated source code to get on the tfs server. I have tried git-tf checkin command multiple time.

I have gotten this error after using git-tf checkin --deep command. I have not gotten any error like this by using same command set. How can I solve this problem. I could not reach any problem and/or solution about this on the internet.

Thanks for your helps.

Client OS : Windows Server 2012 R2
From TFS : 2010
To TFS : 2012
Feb 23, 2017 at 1:13 PM
Hi again,

I have identified the problem. There are two files in images directory.
  • tanım.gif
  • tanim.gif
Files seem similar. But one of them contains an "ı" character. This is a Turkish character and it is like "i" but there is no dot (.) above it. Upper "ı" is "I" and yes this is same as upper "i". Somehow, git-tf command thinks (or may be makes them upper) that these files have same names and result one file more get command. Deleting and/or renaming on of them is not enough to solve this problem. Also have to destroy the history of file from TFS by using tf destroy command.