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Ways to Contribute

Interested in contributing to the Git-TF project? There are plenty of ways you can contribute, all of which help make the project better.

Contributing Code

If you have a code contribution that you would like to submit to the project, follow the steps below. Before starting work on any feature changes or other substantial contribution, please discuss the changes in the discussions area first. This will help ensure that the contribution is in alignment with the roadmap for the project, that everyone thinks this is a good idea to work on, and that nobody else is just about to submit a pull request for a similar feature. Also, please keep in mind that contribution submissions will be tested and reviewed, and that only high quality submissions that you have written (or have the rights to contribute) and that align with the roadmap will be accepted.

Prior to submitting any pull requests, you will need to submit a Contribution License Agreement form. This form only needs to be submitted once for this project. Once you have downloaded and completed the Contribution License Agreement, please send it to

  1. Decide on the contribution that you want to make, and start a discussion with the team. It is a good idea to start a new thread with the title that includes the bug that you're planning to fix.
  2. Create a fork of the project.
  3. Clone that fork to your development machine.
  4. Make the appropriate changes in your local repository (adding any tests as appropriate).
  5. Make sure the project builds without errors or warnings. See the wiki pages on how to build the project.
  6. When your contribution is building clean, create a commit in your local repository.
  7. Update your fork of the project with any changes in the main project repo. If there are changes in the project, you'll need to pull from your fork to merge those changes in with your contribution.
  8. Once you've merged your changes and are up to date, push your changes up to your fork.
  9. On the Source Control page, create a new pull request for your change. Be sure to provide a summary, adding and relevant details about your change. After the pull request is submitted, someone from the project team will comment on your submission.
  10. If changes are needed before your submission can be accepted, make the changes locally, push them to your fork, and then update the pull request so the changes can be reviewed again.
  11. Wait for the final commit from one of the committers on the team. We will make every effort to provide a quick turnaround time for contributions once they are ready. Once the code has been approved, a committer will push it to the main repository.

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