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Git-tf stuck in Powershell



This is a weird issue, and I've gotten past it but I wanted to write about this in case anyone else encounters the same problem. I was cloning a TFS repository using Powershell when the progress froze at 3%. I just let it run while I did something else but when I came back to it in a few hours I saw it was still stuck. After reading up in here for a similar issue, on a whim I expanded the Powershell screen to read the full message to see what file it was stuck on and then it just resumed as if nothing happened, no errors or anything. Anyway, I have my PS screen stretched out now and it's running without a hitch, so hopefully this will help someone should they encounter the same issue. Incidentally, I'm on Windows 10 and I have the latest Git-TF as of the date of this post.