Can't apply shelveset across multiple projects

We've got a legacy system that has LOTS of separate modules in TFS. It's standard practice at the moment to edit multiple modules at one, and create shelvesets containing the changes. This means ...

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git tf checkin seems to hang when there's a rename in TFS Changeset

I able clone a TFVC repository using the "git tf clone --deep" command without any issues, but when I try to check-in the changes into the new TFVC project using "git tf checkin --deep", it appears...

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TF400951: The operation failed. You must use Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 or a later version to work with paths that are longer than 259 characters.

Please provide a fix or a workaround. Any suggestions are welcome

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TFS Build Hangs while pushing to remote Rep

what I am tying to do is, I have powershell script file, which I am calling it from Team build (tfs 2013 build). The build hangs when the script calls any git remote commands like GIT push, or list...

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Symbolic linked file result checkin...already has pending changes

I am currently working on a project that's using Xcode with GIT, and we need to checkin the source to TFS periodically. Last time I did a git tf checkin successfully Ever since that, whenever I ...

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Just doesn't work

I am pulling my hair out here. I have 2 issues 1) I am trying to get SVN changes into TFS via GIT. I have raied a stack overflow ticket to no avail..

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Stuck when CheckIn a large .sdf file

Hi, I am trying to CheckIn a big Git repository (10K commits) to TFS, but when the process gets to a certain commit - it just hangs saying: "29%, commit xxxxxxx: added files" This particular...

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git-tf pull taking 100% CPU

I did a "git tf pull" and it ended up with: Fetching and merging changes in $/XYZ/ABC at latest changeset: 100% The java process is taking 100% CPU. The problematic commit was to unify the line...

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Use of checkin --deep and --associate together?

I'm trying out git tf (version for the first time and specifically looking at how linking changesets with TFS work items. I tried several times to use git tf checkin --deep --no-lo...

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TFS does not support having the same item with different cases in the same path

We are migrating a subversion hive into TFS via git using git-svn and then git-tf. We would like to migrate the revision history, not just the latest files. We have encountered this error "TFS d...

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